Henny From the Block: Jayson Musson Is Not an Idiot, He Just Plays One on YouTube

It looked very much like Jayson Musson, aka Hennessy Youngman, had arrived last Thursday afternoon, as he sat in the tony Upper East Side townhouse that is Salon 94 gallery, surrounded by piles of Coogi sweaters. Even if he did have to keep ditching calls to his cell phone from creditors (“I have the credit rating of a fucking turtle,” he said. “It’s bad”), and even though he dwarfed his small wooden chair. Mr. Musson, 34, is a large, wide man, so big that he would resemble two people even if he didn’t make a point of referring to his online alter ego in the third person (e.g., “That reminds me of something you said in one of the Hennessy videos …” “Well, I think the analogy Hennessy made was …”)
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