IMAX Theaters Aren’t All IMAX Theaters

imax theater interior IMAX Theaters Arent All IMAX TheatersNot all IMAX is created equal. In the run-up to the IMAX release of The Dark Knight Rises on Friday, the LF Examiner (a trade publication for “large format” movie exhibitors!) has published a piece decrying the creep of the “IMAX” brand name. AMC’s Empire 25, for instance, inflates IMAX ticket prices while providing a screen little larger than a regular movie screen (it’s less than a quarter of the size of the IMAX screen up in Lincoln Square!); further, when presented on a smaller screen, IMAX film becomes pixelated and, in LF Examiner’s words, “jaggy.” We miss the days when IMAX screens were just used for nature documentaries.

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