In Honor of its 33rd Anniversary, Here are 12 People Looking Awesome with a Sony Walkman

You're welcome.

  • Yesterday was the 33rd anniversary of the first portable music device that many of us had the pleasure of owning: the ever-hip, ever-retro Sony Walkman.

    On July 1, 1979, the first Sony Walkman went on sale. Ever since then, people have been posing for bizarre and awkward photos with the clunky device.

    Because it seems like everyone’s on vacation today anyway, here is a collection of our favorite snapshots of weird Walkman¬†aficionados.

  • Look what I found!
    (Photo: Tumblr)

  • In real life it would've fallen in the tub and broken within five minutes of climbing into the bath.
    (Photo: Hugo Rodriguez)


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