All Jay-Z Everything: Barclays Center to Open with Three Jay-Z Concerts

Jay-Z might be from Brooklyn—and may season his songs with references to the borough liberally, not including his memorable Reasonable Doubt duet with The Notorious B.I.G., “Brooklyn’s Finest”—but does anybody remember the last time he played a proper concert there? Odds are, unless you’re an obsessive who tracks his every movement—or a Phish fan—you may not.

Fear not, though. The modest opening of the Barclays Center (the new home of the NBA’s Nets, of which, Jay-Z is an investor) will now shove this seemingly arbitrary but actually earth-shatteringly important query into irrelevance, as Jay-Z will not be playing one, or two, but three shows to open the new stadium, this September.

Ticket prices aren’t out yet, but DNAinfo notes that over 7,000 tickets for the shows—September 28th, 29th, and 30th—will go for under $30 (the other prices have not been announced). What they didn’t say is how much those $30 tickets will go for after a bunch of awful scalping robots vacuum them up and resell them on StubHub or Craigslist for over 7,000 times their original face value.

If anything, however, this presents a wonderful out, so you don’t have to choose between wearing your Develop Don’t Destroy Brooklyn shirt, your Occupy All Streets shirt, and your I’m Still Calling It Pacific-Atlantic shirt to Jay-Z’s Barclays Center opening.

Now, you can wear all three. | @weareyourfek

All Jay-Z Everything: Barclays Center to Open with Three Jay-Z Concerts