LES Gallery Will Offer Free ‘Grilled Rat Sampler’ Tomorrow (Update: Photo of Rat Dress!)

This dress made by artist Laura Ginn consists of 300 rat pelts, skinned by the artist herself. (Photo courtesy of Allegra LaViola Gallery)

After the rabid success of artist Laura Ginn’s $100 five-course rat feast last week, which we bravely attended, gallery owner Allegra LaViola tells The Observer they will be offering an encore: free samples of rat meat to those who venture to the Lower East Side tomorrow from 6-8 PM. The simple “grilled rat sampler,” prepared by chef Yuri Hart, will be open to the public.

The aforementioned dinner and this sampler are extensions of Ms. Ginn’s photographic exhibit, “Tomorrow We Will Feast Again On What We Catch,” which will be on view through August 4. The dress Ms. Ginn wore during last week’s dinner, pictured at left, will also be on view. The Allegra LaViola Gallery is located at 179 East Broadway.