Madonna Sued By French Politician Marine Le Pen

After a relatively tame, family-friendly, and well-regarded Super Bowl halftime show this winter, Madonna’s grabbing for negative attention once more. Her current tour’s video sequence, featuring politicians including Sarah Palin (still?), Hu Jintao, and Marine Le Pen, the leader of France’s National Front, has prompted a lawsuit from Ms. Le Pen. The politicians’ faces are superimposed with swastikas, about which Ms. Le Pen had warned the pop singer: “If she does that in France, we’ll be waiting for her.”

Though (or because) the National Front is anti-immigrant, Ms. Le Pen is a popular national figure in France; a fellow member of her party is quoted by the Hollywood Reporter saying: “Marine Le Pen is defending her own honor, but also that of the Front National’s members, its supporters and its millions of voters.” Eagle-eyed Madonna watchers will recall that the singer was threatened with arrest by Canadian authorities in the documentary Truth or Dare, but chose to simulate masturbation onstage anyhow (she wasn’t arrested). Can’t hold this lady down!