Mark Zuckerberg’s Harvard Roommate Is Headed to the Olympics, Naturally

Whoever arranges student rooming groups strikes again.

igu goaqiot4 Mark Zuckerbergs Harvard Roommate Is Headed to the Olympics, Naturally

Camera’s up here, Zuck. (Photo: Bloomberg News)

What does it take to overshadow an Olympian? If you guessed “Be Mark Zuckerberg,” please collect your prize. Bloomberg News profiles Samyr Laine, who is headed to the London Olympics to represent Haiti in the triple jump. Heartwarming! But it’s not a news peg. You know what’s a news page? Being the Facebook founder’s former freshman roommate.

Asked about his youthful days with the billionaire, Mr. Laine presumably heaved a great, big sigh and said:

“We had a good time our freshman year in Straus, we played a ton of PlayStation,” Laine said in an interview at his home in Lorton, Virginia. “We probably didn’t sleep nearly as much as we should have. None of us slept as little as Mark did, and now you can see why.”

This man is literally about to go for the gold, and all anyone wants to talk about is some famous guy he used to bunk with. Ain’t no problems like Harvard grad problems.