MGM Suing to Halt Raging Bull Sequel

It’s a long way from Martin Scorsese’s boxing classic: a Raging Bull sequel that’s already being filmed is seen as so potentially damaging to the first film’s brand that MGM is filing a lawsuit. The film studio claims it had the rights to any sequels to the Jake LaMotta biopic from 1980–and that Mr. LaMotta and his memoir’s co-writer took Mr. LaMotta’s memoir, which would constitute a sequel, to other studios without giving MGM a right to accept or reject it. For his part, Mr. LaMotta seems perplexed by the specifics, telling the Post: “How can you fight a company that big? All of these business things, I don’t bother with it because I’m not capable, physically or mentally, because I don’t hear so good.”

Raging Bull II stars Joe Mantegna and Paul Sorvino, was produced by a tiny independent studio, and is directed by the writer of Oy Vey! My Son is Gay!-we, for one, are waiting for this film eagerly.

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