Moriarty charged with DUI; assemblyman denies he was drunk, charges police abuse of power

A report from the Washington Township Times tonight says Assemblyman Paul Moriarty (D-4) was charged with driving while intoxicated “near the Black Horse Pike in Washington Twp.,” a characterization the assemblyman disputed in a statement.

The report cites two township sources familiar with the case.

Mayor of Washington Township from 2004 to 2008, Moriarty allegedly refused a Breathalyzer test when a township police officer pulled him over, the Times reported.

Moriarty issued a statement after the news report, strenuously denying he drove drunk.

“This afternoon after spending over an hour at my local car dealership and heading to grab lunch, I was pulled over by a Washington Township Police Officer who claimed I had cut him off at an intersection,” Moriarty said.  “I disputed his assertion which led him to order me from my car, submit me to a field sobriety test and issue a summons for DUI.   Let me be clear:  I had consumed no alcoholic beverages, and this entire episode was an abuse of power.  

“The Officer that detained me, today, was previously fired from the Washington Township Police Department for allegedly being untruthful in an Internal Affairs Investigation.  A court subsequently ordered his reinstatement. My attorney intends to vigorously defend these allegations, which may include filing charges with Washington Township Police Department’s Internal Affairs.”