Movie Reviews: Spider-Man is the Hit of a Decade!

Emerging starlet.

The reviews are in, and the Spider-Man flick is a smash! Everyone loves the iconic Marvel superhero,whether he’s battling a green, monstrous adversary, seducing a blonde classmate, or just sewing his costume. Just look at what the critics have to say!

“The man is better company than the spider in Spider-Man. The long-awaited bigscreen incarnation of the 40-year-old Marvel Comics superhero emerges as a perfectly serviceable early-summer popcorn picture that will satisfy its core teen constituency and not displease general viewers looking for some disposable entertainment.” —Todd McCarthy, Variety

“This conceit has grown tired over the years, and Marvel’s cachet as the hipper of the two comic book giants has long since waned. But the filmmakers have succeeded in rejuvenating the character while staying faithful to his roots.” —A. O. Scott, The New York Times

“The movie’s limitations are mostly built-in: Here’s one more big-screen comic book when comic books are what we now get at the movies every summer, regardless of their subject. But you know a movie has succeeded when you’re looking toward the sequel that Spider-Man‘s wrap-up strongly portends.” —Mike Clark, USA Today

“Poor, misunderstood Spider-Man, the most alienated teenage superhero of the 1960s, gets careful treatment in the summer’s first aspiring blockbuster. Mildly cheesy but not overwrought, this long-awaited future franchise is a competent seat-warmer at the box-office table for the two weekends preceding George Lucas’s Attack of the Clones.” —J. Hoberman, Village Voice

Spider-Man (Sam Raimi, 2002) is available on iTunes. Enjoy it at home today!

Movie Reviews: <em>Spider-Man</em> is the Hit of a Decade!