Need to Make a Hasty Getaway from a Terrible Date? There’s an App for That

eHarmony's new mobile app comes to the rescue.

picture 21 Need to Make a Hasty Getaway from a Terrible Date? Theres an App for That

(Photo: iTunes)

We’ve all been there: stuck in the middle of a terrible first date with a boring or psychopathic or worse–luddite!–companion, with no way out. If you’re a terrible liar or none of your friends is available to make that fake emergency call to your cell, eHarmony is here to help. The Globe and Mail reports that the online dating service now has a mobile app in the iTunes store called “Bad Date Rescue” that will help you make your getaway, stat.

The whole system is surprisingly detailed. You can choose an interval of time at which to schedule the fake phone call, which purports to actually have a real voice on the other end. You can also specify which emergency you want to fake: your mom calling to say your sister is in labor, your neighbor to tell you your apartment is flooded or your boss to say there’s a work emergency.

But our favorite feature is perhaps this one, which will undoubtedly come in handy for the tongue-twisted among us:

Can’t think of what to say to your date in order to excuse yourself? Then choose the “Repeat After Me” script (also available in Spanish) and simply repeat after the speaker!

The whole thing is pretty genius, particularly from a marketing perspective. Of course, what happens if people start using the app because eHarmony continuously serves them terrible matches? The company must be pretty confident in their matching algorithm.