Booting Up: No You Can’t Has Game of Thrones on Netflix Instant Edition

 Booting Up: No You Cant Has Game of Thrones on Netflix Instant Edition

Just your standard rotten apple.  (Photo:

HBO still refuses to cooperate with Netflix, much less offer up Game of Thrones for streaming. [Reuters]

Apple misses quarterly earnings; world continues spinning, somehow. [Washington Post]

AT&T, however, is raking in the dough as a majority of its wireless customers are now smartphone users. [Wall Street Journal]

There are an awful lot of rules for volunteers considering blogging about the Olympics. []

And then there’s the possibility of hackers disrupting the games. [Reuters]

This strategy memo from Buzzfeed is curiously lacking in the use of memes and/or cat pics. [Chris Dixon]

Twitter is cooking up a way of calling up old tweets. If only we actually composed tweets for the ages… [New York Times]