NYU Anew: Just How Much Smaller Is the Shrunken Greenwich Village Expansion?

The original version of the plan called for taller towers on both blocks, since reduced by 26 percent above ground.
The superblocks as they stand today.
A before and after view of the plans for LaGuardia Place, where a potential school building has been reduced.
More changes along Mercer Street, where one tower was reduced from 11 stories to four and the so-called Zipper Building was rejiggered.

Tomorrow, NYU will take its somewhat shrunken plan for its Greenwich Village expansion back to the City Council. Last week, local rep Margaret Chin convinced the school to shave 17 percent off its scheme, modifications that were approved today at the City Planning Commission. The university has cooked up a new set of renderings showing the changes to the towers on the site in anticipation of full council approval come Wednesday. Can you tell the difference?

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