Paddle8 and Visionaire Launch ‘Oscar Niemeyer in 3-D’

Image courtesy Michelle Finocchi.

Paddle8, the online art market, and Visionaire, the fashion publication that doubles as an artful collectible, teamed up for Visionaire’s Rio issue to commission “Oscar Niemeyer in 3-D,” a special portfolio of 3-D slides showcasing the iconic work of architect Oscar Niemeyer built from the 1940s through the 1990s in Rio, Sao Paolo and Brasilia. Today, you can view the images in a web-only exhibition.

In addition to the exhibition, there are some other goodies online like a rare audio interview with the 104-year old architect, archival materials—drawings, blue-prints, family photos—from Mr. Niemeyer’s studio and a video trailer for Paddle8 TV. But wait, this online exhibition is in 3-D. So yes, you do need those darn 3-D glasses to hone the blurry mess into Mr. Neimeyer’s striking creations. Paddle 8 has got that taken care of. Starting the week of July 30, they’ll announce the locations of the numerous special Oscar Niemeyer “project hubs” around Manhattan that will offer up viewing glasses. But you can also just use a pair of regular red/blue “anaglyph” glasses. The physical magazine, which will be issued in an edition of 200 and will include slides of the images to be viewed in a stereoscope, will be released in September.