Page Six Quotes New York Times Ombudsman Parody Twitter

Do not quote this man.

A Page Six item quoted New York Times public editor Arthur Brisbane weighing in on yesterday’s non-news that Anderson Cooper is gay with uncharacteristic snark. “CNN is reporting that Anderson Cooper is straight,” Mr. Brisbane said, referring to the cable news network’s incorrect report that the Supreme Court struck down Obamacare last week. Except that, as Poynter notes, Mr. Brisbane is not responsible for that particular quip. His parody Twitter account is. [Page Six]

That seems like a much bigger error than poor Alessandra Stanley’s mistaking an old highlight reel for a live broadcast while watching the Today show online. The television critic’s history of errors has made her an easy target for NBC Universal but, in this case, Times culture editor Jonathan Landman takes some blame for asking her to multitask. [Poynter]

In other media news…

Rachel Maddow told Ben Wallace-Wells about her “cyclical depression.” [Rolling Stone]

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie called a reporter “stupid” and an “idiot.” [ABC News]

Are Rupert Murdoch‘s anti-Scientology tweets a hangover from that time Tom Cruise tried to enlist his eldest son, Lachlan Murdoch and his friend and former business parter James Packer? On Twitter, Mr. Murdoch called Mr. Packer a good friend who saw the light (and got out of the church) a long time ago. [Daily Beast]

Prometheus CEO Richard Beckman was replaced by Dottie Mattison, formerly of…Walmart. Guess the Adweek publisher really wanted to shed the Conde Nast vibes and reclaim its frugal trade publication heritage. [NY Post]

Congratulations, haters and hate-recappers: The Newsroom got picked up for a second season on HBO. [NY Times] The late great Nora Ephron was a fan, after all. [Jezebel]

SCOTUS-watchers guess who leaked Chief Justice John Roberts’s change of heart. [Politico]

Advance Publication’s New Jersey news site is staffing up, prompting many to think The Star-Ledger will go the way of The Times-Picayune. [NY Times]

Page Six Quotes <em>New York Times</em> Ombudsman Parody Twitter