Paid Sick Day Advocates Pester Susan Sarandon Over Her Mayoral Pick [Update: Successfully!]

(Photo: Thelma & Louise)

Actress Susan Sarandon took to Twitter yesterday to announce she spent some time with City Council Speaker Christine Quinn and said of the leading mayoral candidate, “She’s the real deal – smart, imaginative & dedicated. What NYC needs.”

Well, apparently advocates for paid sick day legislation took note, and organized a small campaign to try and get to Ms. Quinn through Ms. Sarandon, peppering the actress with several dozen tweets.

“Thelma and Louise deserved #paidsickdays. @SusanSarandon, why doesn’t @ChrisCQuinn support them? #ows,” a tweet from Occupy Wall Street read, referencing one of her more famous movie roles, for example.

And while they didn’t actually goad her into joining feminist author Gloria Steinem, who recently declared her full support for Ms. Quinn on a condition of her backing the paid sick days bill, it does seem like progressive advocates are increasingly making this their next big cause after muscling living wage legislation through the City Council.

Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer, who’s also a likely mayoral contender, better take note and ensure he doesn’t take any wrong policy positions, lest Scarlett Johansson is harassed as well. Although she shies away from social media and thus might be a tad safer.

Update: Mission successful for the advocates, Ms. Sarandon tweeted that she will discuss the issue with Ms. Quinn and urge her to support the legislation.