Roundup: An Election Year Democratic Food Fight

Chuck Schumer, who had pushed for letting tax cuts lapse for millionaires at year’s end, decided to back President Barack Obama’s plan to impose hikes on families earning more than $250,000, ending what POLITICO says “might have been an election-year Democratic food fight.”

Even as Adriano Espaillat conceded, more uncounted ballots were discovered in NY-13.

A source close to Mark Levine confirmed that Espaillat will ultimately run for reelection.

That will set up a match against Assemblyman Guillermo Linares, who repeated his intentions to run for Espaillat’s seat.

Simcha Felder will forgo the Independence Party line due to the party’s connections to an anti-semitic activist.

Despite a broken leg, Louise Slaughter still raked in a good fundraising quarter.

The Working Families Party is still deliberating whether to support Jay Otaño’s candidacy.

John Catsimatidis repeated his intentions to run for mayor and questioned whether Christine Quinn will get Mayor Bloomberg’s support, adding, “I’ve said I’m in the bullpen, …Starting maybe in September, I might put together an exploratory team, like we did last time, and do whatever the necessary things are going to be.”

The Senate GOP noted that they think they also have the four members of the IDC on their side if the control of the State Senate is in doubt after November.

Why you were late this morning: Metrocard machines fizzled out all over New York.

“I’m sure you read the FT today,” Mayor Bloomberg told a reporter asking about the soda ban. “You did read the FT’s story about obesity? Front page? Don’t even read the newspapers?”

Amtrak’s updated plan for high-speed rail includes a 37 minute Philly-New York trip.

Barack Obama called for extending most of the Bush-era tax cuts.

McCarren Park’s pool has a complicated political history surrounding it.

Elizabeth Warren has raised a lot of money.

Rick Perry rejected the health care exchanges and Medicaid expansion, saying that he will “not be party to socializing health care and bankrupting my state.”

Democrats are “testing the outer limits” of the boundary between the traditional role of a campaign tracker and stalking.

Republicans in Florida have named Donald Trump “Statesman of the Year.”

After a woman died following Obama’s visit to a diner the press jumped on the case of hypothetical presidential food poisoning.

Maine Governor Paul LePage said he didn’t intend “to insult anyone” when he compared “Obamacare” to the Gestapo.

The Washington Monument may be shut down until 2014.

Roundup: An Election Year Democratic Food Fight