Russian Activists Aren’t Going to Stand Idly By While Facebook ‘Corrupts’ the Youth

Protip: Ultimatums delivered by fax are less impressive than torches and pitchforks.

Too cute, right?

As skeptical as we are of Facebook’s every move, those gay marriage icons are pretty cute, right? Well, there’s at least one angry mob ready to set you straight.

RT reports (via the Daily Dot):

“In response, an Orthodox community in the city of Saratov, southern Russia, issued an ultimatum demanding that Facebook stop “flirting with sodomites” and remove all content promoting homosexuality.”

But it’s just so much fun!

“The activists sent a fax to the international network’s office in Russia and gave the company 24 hours to fulfill the demands. If Facebook does not comply, they threatened to sue internet service providers who give users access to Facebook content.”

Frankly, we’re just amazed Facebook has a fax machine to receive their message.