Someone Finally Turned the Sound of a Dialup Modem into a Dubstep Song

The resemblance always was uncanny.

Have you noticed a certain nagging familiarity about dubstep? Something that perhaps the core audience is too young to recognize? Well, get ready to have that itch scratched. An artist who works under the precariously spelled name of Muzik 4 Machines has finally taken the grating-but-thrilling sound of a dialup modem and remixed it into a dubstep song. Or rather, at 16 minutes long, more of a dubstep symphony, really. 

He explains that, “for a long time i have heard that dubstep sounds like a dialup modem, so i decided to test if the modem could sound like dubstep.” Sure enough:

Perhaps this will please our one-day AI overlords better than Lion King tunes. 

(h/t Noise made me do it)