Speaker Quinn and ‘Mogul Mike’ Crush NYU Students in Protest Video

NYU’s controversial Greenwich Village expansion is set to go before the City Council tomorrow, where it will almost assuredly pass. Not giving up, NYU Faculty Against the Sexton Plan—its his plan, not theirs, they charge—have launched a new site targeted at all New Yorkers, an attempted rallying cry pitched in the middle of the Village.

Called StandUp4NYC.com, it launches with a video taking the mayor and Council Speaker Christine Quinn to task for steamrolling the Village for the sake of NYU.

“This is no longer just a fight to save Greenwich Village,” NYU media studies professor Mark Crispin Miller said in a release. “We’ve reached a real tipping point; after three terms of Bloomberg’s non-stop kowtowing to the rich and to real estate interests, people have had enough.  It stops here.  And we will fight for as long as it takes.”

Just don’t listen to Fran Lebowitz, who will tell you the war has already been lost.