The 5 Worst Places to Go in New York to Celebrate National Cheesecake Day

  • 20091016cheesecake jniorsrealbox The 5 Worst Places to Go in New York to Celebrate National Cheesecake DayJuly 30 is National Cheesecake Day, truly a holiday that’s been commercialized far more than better known calendar events like Valentine’s Day or Christmas.

    How about this year we forgo the laziness of picking up a cream cheese concoction fromĀ  Junior’s and return to our roots by celebrating what makes Cheesecake Day so special in the first place: a chance to extoll on this nation’s obesity epidemic.

    We urge you to make today a challenge: actually work for your Cheesecake by going to the most obscure, esoteric, and downright terrible pie places in the city. This quick guide should help…though remember, no batter licking.

  • It's pancakes with cheesecake filling, which sounds delicious, but you's IHOP. Now that there is an LES location, you too can experience the fine dining described in BoingBoing as: " Water, water, water. Clean it out. Focus. Concentrate. Oh look! I forgot about my side of sausage!"

  • Literal flies on the pie . Hey, they're not bad for protein, but this eatery next to The New Yorker building is more likely to churn your stomach than make it rumble.

  • Once renowned for its cream cheese confection, Lindy's has slid downhill in recent years, with out-of-state reviewers appalled by the high price ($10 for a slice) and the so-so quality of the dessert.

  • "Nonfat, probiotic" yogurt cheesecake. Need we say more?

  • This Zagat's-rated sushi joint made one fatal flaw in an otherwise perfect menu...if we wanted fried heart attacks, we'd get them at Coney Island, thank you.