Watch Gagosian Employees Install a Barry Le Va Sculpture by Shattering Glass

Still from video showing installation of a Barry Le Va sculpture at “The Floor Show: Gravity and Materials,” 2012. (Courtesy Gagosian Gallery and Sonnabend Gallery)

If you’ve ever stood around a sculpture and wondered about how it was installed—perhaps a sculpture that involves an irreversible process like breaking glass, this super short video posted today by Gagosian for its Los Angeles exhibition “The Floor Show: Gravity and Materials” will come as a small relief—not in the least because it involves breaking glass, the sound of which in itself is just a relief for some reason.

The work in question is a 1968 sculpture by Barry Le Va called Set I A placed B placed; Set II A dropped. B dropped.; Set III A placed. B dropped.; Set IV placed, which is made of felt, glass, aluminum bars and stainless steel ball-bearings. The Gagosian show, organized in collaboration with curator Richard D. Marshall, examines how artists have taken sculpture beyond the pedestal.