The Growing Body of Web-based Art

Still from a web-based work by Richard Healy created with film excerpts from ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.’ (Photo by Richard Healy, courtesy Or-bits)

Web-only project spaces are the focus of a new story up at The Guardian, which takes a look at sites that make the most of the possibilities of the Internet, from online spaces that focus exclusively on web-based art like Or-bits to conventional real-world galleries, like London’s ICA, that are embracing the idea of web-only exhibitions to those sites like Bubblebyte that operate somewhere in between showing web-based art for only a limited time.

From the story:

Not all of the current web-based art projects are concerned with posterity. hosts a series of solo shows – like the current exhibition of psychedelic digital drawing by Travess Smalley – for a finite time, before leaving only the private view invitation (yes, they host online private views) as proof of the show’s earlier existence. Attilia Fattori Franchini and Rhys Coren, the duo behind the site, say they wanted to mimic the setup of a physical space. Miss the show and it’s gone forever.