The Met Announces Major Exhibition on Warhol and His Influence

Andy Warhol, ‘Brillo Soap Pads Box,’ 1964. (Courtesy the Andy Warhol Museum)

The Metropolitan Museum of Art announced today an exhibition exploring the “full extent” of Andy Warhol’s influence on contemporary art, titled “Regarding Warhol: Sixty Artists, Fifty Years.” The museum is calling this the “first major exhibition” to explore Warhol’s influence. It will include “45 works by Warhol alongside 100 works by some 60 other artists,” according to a press release.

The show, which was first noted by Gallerist back in October, is divided into five sections: “Daily News: From Banality to Disaster,” “Portraiture: Celebrity and Power,” “Queer Studies: Camouflage and Shifting Identities,” “Consuming Images: Appropriation, Abstraction and Seriality,” and “No Boundaries: Business, Collaboration and Spectacle.” Some other artists included in the exhibition are Chuck Close, Alex Katz, Robert Gober, Cindy Sherman, David Hockney, Catherine Opie, Damien Hirst and Ryan Trecartin. The show runs September 18 t0 December 31, 2012.