Art in the Hamptons Is Wacky

Andrey Bartenev and Robert Wilson at last year’s Watermill Center summer benefit, ‘Voluptuous Panic.’ (Courtesy Patrick McMullan)

From Terence Koh’s artwork at the Fireplace Project, composed of gilded eggs and rare, expensive Thassos marble, to the LongHouse Reserve summer benefit, where dangling trapeze artists amused guests dressed in black, white and yellow, in homage to Dorothy Lichtenstein, the wacky art of the Hamptons gets a delightful skewering over at The Wall Street Journal. All in the name of summer fun, of course. For anyone attending the Watermill Center summer benefit next weekend, this should serve as a nice primer. Leave your Ab-Ex outfits at home. This year’s theme is “Pop.”

From the story:

“Mr. Koh’s new work is something of an amuse-bouche for the whole frittata that is Robert Wilson’s big Watermill Center benefit next weekend. This is where you see some of the most entertaining, avant garde, some might even say absurd performance art in the Hamptons or pretty much anywhere else. People still talk about the two artists who buried themselves in the ground for last year’s fundraiser.”