Weekend Roundup: Rangel’s Lead; Improving The BOE; ‘Need Not Love Mitt Romney’

Charlie Rangel finished 990 votes ahead, with a pending lawsuit over the results looming.

New York City is better than Boston, Mayor Bloomberg pointed out.

Bill de Blasio’s background as a campaign strategist might hurt his mayoral bid, or as one unnamed consultant put it, “You can’t be your own lawyer, you can’t be your own psychiatrist, and you can’t be your own political operative.”

Bill Santiago called Marty Golden a “sexist pig” on CNN.

Brian Kavanagh explained his bill to improve the Board of Elections.

Council Members continued earmarking cash for questionable groups.

Jewish voters made up the majority of the vote in the Storobin/Fidler special election.

A Satmar sect might not have done as well for Nydia Velázquez as initially thought.

There were over a dozen layoffs at PEF’s management in the midst of a leadership change.

The Daily News took a look at Abe George’s candidacy.

The New York Times profiled “the face of the hyper-luxurification of the East Village.”

Its editorial page called for more pools.

A wave of violence killed seven New Yorkers on Friday night.

It’s been a good three weeks for immigrants in New York.

The Daily News blasted union-friendly legislation coming out of Albany.

The publication also very sarcastically responded to a lawmaker’s request for a correction.

While the New York Post said President Obama has a problem with Steve Israel.

Obama connected Mitt Romney to outsourcing and China in his latest ad.

Tax-exempt nonprofits are increasingly providing donors with increased secrecy while keeping that nice Super PAC feel.

Romney had a $3 million kosher weekend in the Hamptons.

Obama’s campaign continued pushing that Vanity Fare article on Romney’s overseas investments.

The two presidential candidates have different approaches to class issues.

The weak job numbers have set the tone for the election.

Barney Frank got married.

Headline: “John Boehner: Voters Need Not Love Mitt Romney”

Weekend Roundup: Rangel’s Lead; Improving The BOE; ‘Need Not Love Mitt Romney’