What’s the Deal With This James Murphy Disco Exhibition at L.A. MOCA?

Over the weekend, The New York Times published a great (and kind of sad) profile by Zach Baron of post-LCD Soundsystem James Murphy that discusses some of the musician’s current projects. This being an art blog, here’s the relevant detail for us:

“[Mr. Murphy] discussed staging a disco exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles with the museum’s director, Jeffrey Deitch.”


Obviously, this news is hard to take in without considering the recent departure of curator Paul Schimmel from the museum after 22 years, as well as this op-ed by Eli Broad, which suggested that Mr. Schimmel’s exit was because “in today’s economic environment, museums must be fiscally prudent and creative in presenting cost-effective, visually stimulating exhibitions that attract a broad audience.” (Disco fits right into that model we’d say.)

A call and an e-mail to a spokesperson at MOCA have not yet been returned, so we have no confirmation either way about whether or not this is happening (pun intended). For now let’s just imagine what James Murphy “staging a disco exhibition” in a museum would be like. Perhaps something like this: