Google Acquires Wildfire, Makes Things Weird for the Zuckerberg Family

Social media facilitates sibling rivalry, as always.

Our sympathies. (

With the acquisition of Wildfire Media by Google for $250 million, we can’t help but note that the Zuckerbergs of Dobbs Ferry (as New York once dubbed them) are doing pretty well these days. But their success is now distributed just widely enough across the Valley that things are about to get a little awkward.

As Business Insider points out, younger sister Arielle is a junior product manager who will presumably now become an employee in good standing at GOOG, working to help make the search giant a little more social friendly.

That’s going to make for some stilted dinner table conversation at Thanksgiving.

What we can’t quite figure out is Randi Zuckerberg’s tweet on the subject. She wrote:

Donna’s a PhD student (in Classics! props) or so we thought; last we heard, Randi had RtoZ Media and was mixed up with Bravo’s Silicon Valley reality tv show. In terms of in-laws, it looks like Brent (Randi’s husband) still works at Chegg, and of course Priscilla is a pediatrician. Maybe we’re missing a Zuck or we’re a little short in the math skills department, but doesn’t that leave the two companies dead even?