Wrathful Khan: Khan Academy’s Sal Khan Responds to Critical Post Editorial [Video]

It's on like Ricardo Montalban.

khan Wrathful Khan: Khan Academys Sal Khan Responds to Critical Post Editorial [Video]

Absolutely related. (Image: Memory-Alpha.org)

The pissing match between Mathalicious founder Karim Kai Ani and Khan Academy founder Salman “Sal” Khan is heating up! Today Mr. Khan responded to Mr. Ani’s recent Washington Post editorial which questioned the hype surrounding Khan Academy’s mission to tutor math students with free online videos and also criticized Mr. Khan’s teaching ability. Mr. Khan offered a new correction to Mr. Ani’s correction of the definition of slope (so meta!) and may have outed his critic as low-down dirty profiteer in his email response to Valerie Strauss, the anchor for the Post‘s Answer Sheet education blog:

I also think you might misunderstand our “business model.” Unlike Mathalicious which is for-profit (and if it does well, Karim will become very wealthy), Khan Academy is a 501c3 not-for-profit. I take a salary from it that is approved by the board, but I do not own it (no one does). It can never IPO or be sold. It is a public charity.

BOOM! We can only hope they will eventually take this offline and go old school with hand-to-hand slide rules and compasses.

Below, Mr. Khan’s video illustrating the correct definition of slope. Intense stuff.