Writer: Elect Christine Quinn Mayor To Annoy Archbishop Dolan

WNYC debuted the premiere episode of King’s County, a Brooklyn-themed variety show hosted by Studio 360’s Kurt Andersen this weekend.

In an effort to “deal with gay stuff,” Mr. Andersen invited on stage New Yorker humorist Paul Rudnick, and as they talked about how pop culture has made the culture at large more accepting of gays.

The conversation veered however to local politics, with Mr. Andersen suggested that “the odds are that here in New York City we are about to have a gay mayor, or a lesbian mayor” (in assertion that the rest of the 2013 field would surely disagree with) and then wondered if a Mayor Quinn “would make the lives of gay people better.”

Mr. Rudnick however gave a full-throated endorsement of the City Council Speaker:

“Well I personally adore Christine Quinn,” Mr. Rudnick said, saying that he had met Ms. Quinn before.  “I think she is so smart. I think she will make a fantastic mayor. She is just the best,” an assertion met with cheers by the studio audience.

But then Mr. Rudnick veered away from the Quinn talking points.

“And one of the great side benefits of having Christine Quinn as our mayor would be how much it would upset Archbishop Dolan,” he continued. “We would have a mayor who happens to be Irish Catholic but who is a Lesbian. “

Mr. Andersen interjected to note that Ms. Quinn looks in fact a like a New York Irish Catholic, which led Mr. Rudnick to describe her as in that “great tradition of people who can only be mayor of New York, like our current wonderful little Jewish billionaire Leprechaun.”

The full thing can be heard here–the Quinn part starts at around the 35 min mark.

Writer: Elect Christine Quinn Mayor To Annoy Archbishop Dolan