Zombie Hunters and Mad Men Gather to Read King Lear to Benefit the Frog and Peach Theatre Company

“No actor likes falling on his ass,” actor Ryan Tramont told The Observer. Especially while under the glare of Emmy-nominated Jeffrey DeMunn, who plays the RV-driving Dale on Walking Dead.

Mr. Tramont, who one might recognize from his appearances on Law & Order and 30 Rock, recounted his on-stage blunder (complements of a missing page in the script) after performing in the Frog and Peach Theatre Company’s celebrity reading of King Lear on Monday, staged to benefit the Shakespeare ensembles’s future performance of The Taming of the Shrew.

“[Mr. DeMunn] is staring at me and I’m like, ‘You’re looking at me for the cue. I’m screwing this up, oh my god,’” he divulged, giving us a peek at an actor’s inner monologue. (For the record, the audience didn’t even notice, and Mr. DeMunn, who read the part of King Lear, told us he didn’t have any problem with Mr. Tramont’s lost script page.)

Despite the slipup, the audience was enraptured by the emotive reading by Mr. DeMunn and other actors, which included BeBe Neuwirth, Darrell Hammond, Rich Sommer of Mad MenPeter Gerety and Eric Doss.
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