Al Roker Awkwardly Bitch-Slaps Matt Lauer on ‘Today’ Over Ann Curry Firing [Video]

Al Roker, spicy (NBC)

Who would have thought Al Roker had a snarky side? During Today’s segment this morning on the Olympic women’s rowing team, the usually jolly Mr. Roker made a thinly veiled dig at Matt Lauer for not standing by their co-star Ann Curry when she was abruptly fired in June.

Mr. Lauer noted: “The tradition here in New York is that you throw her in the Hudson River.”
To which Al “Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner” Roker: “Which is different than in our tradition, which is to throw one of us under the bus. But that’s another story.”

Then everyone chuckled uncomfortably and Mr. Roker segued into the weather report.