Another Day, Another Middle Eastern Energy Company Fighting Off a Virus

Might want to dig out the candles, at this rate.

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An LNG ship, though not from the company in question. (Photo:

Speaking of scary software: Sounds like the hackers have finally realized that yes, they can make mischief for energy companies. Bloomberg News reports that a Qatari company is currently battling against a virus that’s shut down parts of its computer system. The site reports: 

Ras Laffan Liquefied Natural Gas Co., a Qatari LNG producer [Ed note: LNG means liquified natural gas and stay with us, it gets less boring], said a virus has shut down part of its computer system since Aug. 27.

Desktop computers in company offices were affected by the bug, while operational systems at onshore and offshore installations are secure, a company official said today by phone from Doha. The virus hasn’t affected production or cargoes, said the official, who declined to be named citing company policy.

In short: The actual energy production is going just fine, but nobody back at HQ can access their email. Bummer.

It’s worth noting the attack came a day after Saudi Arabian Oil–the world’s largest exporter of crude oil–announced it had finally routed the virus that had been disrupting its computer systems. Of the other companies Bloomberg called, state-owned Qatar Petroleum denied being attacked by anything similar, but at least two other companies weren’t responding to requests for comment.

Maybe buy a couple of flashlights, just in case someone gets creative with your local power plant?

(h/t Ars Technica)