Art Thieves Steal $300,000 in Thomas Kinkades

The artist at the 2011 Kentucky Derby. (Courtesy Getty Images)

Burglars in Fresno, Calif., who recently broke into the Clovis Gift & Jewelry Shoppe there discovered a treasure trove of paintings by the recently deceased artist Thomas Kinkade. The thieves made off with 40 works, valued together at $300,000.

The news comes from a local ABC affiliate, via HuffPost. From ABC:

A display case full of art was untouched, except for one empty shelf formerly filled with popular Hummel figurines, and Thomas Kinkade paintings were the top target.

“Look at that. That’s not a Kinkade. It’s a Chinese painting and they left that,” [owner Patrick] Patterson said. “So evidently they had some discrimination.”

Well, that last part might be up for debate.

Art Thieves Steal $300,000 in Thomas Kinkades