Artelligence Conference Is Co-Sponsored by Armory Show, Will Focus on Calder

Alexander Calder, ‘Boomerangs,’ 1970. (Courtesy Artnet)

This year’s Artelligence Conference, to be held on Sept. 13, is being co-sponsored by the Armory Show in addition to Crozier, it was announced today. The day-long symposium that brings together a bevy of art world professionals from a range of roles like insurance professionals, art advisers, collectors, dealers and tax lawyers will aim to get at some of the myths and misconceptions that build up around works of art as they increase in value.

“The conference tries to be a ‘safe space’ away from the frenzy of the art fair and auction circuit,” said Marion Maneker to Gallerist over e-mail, “where we talk about art and collecting.”

Mr. Maneker, who runs Art Market Monitor—a blog about the art business—also asserted that understanding art as an asset also includes making clear that art isn’t only an asset.

“Its value is as art first,” said Mr. Maneker. “But one cannot ignore, and should not be ignorant of, the ever-changing value of certain works of art or certain artists’ work.”

Perhaps this is why the symposium focuses on the market for the work of one artist, in this case Alexander Calder. At the first symposium, attendees of the conference apparently learned a lot from the presentation of a report on Warhol. This time around, participants will get their own copy of ArtTactic’s report on the Calder market, which was commissioned by Artelligence. (“The value of that report alone makes the conference price a great bargain,” Mr. Maneker noted.)

The ticket, at $225, will get you more than enough, apart from the super special report, to make it worth your while. Arthur Goldberg, for one, will be on hand for a panel on the emergence of photography in contemporary art collections. There will also be panels like The Value of Art with Michael Findlay of Acquavella Galleries (who wrote a book by the same title), Decoding Markets: Richter and Calder and The Future of Art Fairs, moderated by Noah Horowitz, the Armory’s effort to explore the changing landscape of art fairs. You can read our report on last year’s Artelligence conference to get an idea.

Who needs a crystal ball when you have these industry insiders telling you what the future holds?

Artelligence Conference Is Co-Sponsored by Armory Show, Will Focus on Calder