Aspen ArtCrush Raises $1.8 M., Highest Bid Is for Tom Sachs Work

Tom Sachs, ‘Poche Vide,’ 2011–2012. (Photo by Genevieve Hanson, courtesy the artist)

The Aspen ArtCrush live auction, which happened last Friday on the grounds of the Aspen Art Museum, brought in a total $1.8 million to benefit the museum’s educational programs and exhibitions. The highest bid was for Tom Sachs’s Poche Vide, which was commissioned especially for the event. It sold for $155,000. Mr. Sachs was also honored with the Aspen Award for Art.

In other Tom Sachs news, or maybe “news,” Page Six reports that the artist’s fiancée broke her heel at the event and could not find a shoe repair place in Aspen. This information seems decidedly less important than the above, but do with it what you will.