Before He Was Bane: The Dark Knight Rises‘ Tom Hardy Wins Public Access Modeling Contest [Video]

Tom Hardy wins a toolbox (YouTube)

Did you know that they had to redub all of Tom Hardy’s lines in the opening scene of The Dark Knight Rises because audiences at an IMAX preview in December found it 100% impossible to understand what Bane was mumble-yelling about? It’s true!

But even without the metal mask on, the British actor isn’t exactly Sir Alec Guinness, as evidenced from this 1998 male modeling contest on a public access channel. The considerably leaner Hardy-boy manages to get booed during Q&A despite only saying four words.

Who dares to boo Bane! Don’t these people know who he is? Well, it doesn’t matter who he is, what matter is his plan. And that plan is winning 1st place, and a toolbox, and possibly (?) a check, though he should look in that envelope and make sure.

And how adorable is it that his acting hero is Gary Oldman? They’ve been in two movies together now, and Mr. Oldman thinks Tom Hardy is “hot shit“!

Before He Was Bane: <em>The Dark Knight Rises</em>‘ Tom Hardy Wins Public Access Modeling Contest [Video]