Booting Up: Everybody Pile On Facebook Edition

 Booting Up: Everybody Pile On Facebook Edition

Rise and shine! (

This man is not happy with Facebook: “Your team doesn’t seem to understand that being “good negotiators” vs implying that you will destroy someone’s business built on your “open platform” are not the same thing.” [Dalton Caldwell]

Ears perked up over in Mountain View at this public display of unhappiness on the part of developers. [All Things D]

Speaking of Facebook, the company finally admitted it’s got more fakes than a sorority house. [CNET]

Today, in patent-suit potshots: Apple accuses Samsung of “bad faith litigation misconduct.” [Businessweek]

Two boosters of the local tech scene would like cheaper apartments. Honey, spit in one hand, wish in the other. [Forbes]

In L.A., too many city hall employees are using their work computers to watch the Olympics. [LA Times] 

Mitt Romney is not a member of the “thumb tribe,” which is apparently a thing. [Politico]