Booting Up: Identity Theft Nightmare Edition

screen shot 2012 08 07 at 7 18 35 am Booting Up: Identity Theft Nightmare Edition

Mr. Honan. (Photo:

The advent of the iPhone really upset the apple cart at Samsung. [All Things D]

Read Matt Honan’s hacking horror story, then, in a flurry of panic, immediately change all your passwords. [Wired]

People are happier with their tablets than their smartphones. Anything that doesn’t handle calls and therefore doesn’t drop them is automatically endearing. [CNET]

Here’s what the Mars Curiosity rover saw as it landed on Mars. [YouTube]

But for a a while you weren’t able to see that, because someone issued a takedown notice, despite the fact NASA’s footage is in the public domain. [Ars Technica]