Booting Up: Mat Honan, Privacy Hero

screen shot 2012 08 08 at 8 28 31 am Booting Up: Mat Honan, Privacy Hero


After Mat Honan’s “epic hacking,” an anonymous Apple employee leaked word that the company has temporarily stopped processing password changes over the phone while it figures out if its security policy needs to be altered. Amazon already updated theirs. [Wired]

Don’t let Mr. Honan’s loss be in vain. Time to enable “two-factor authentication” on your Gmail account. [Gawker]

Our founding fathers forgot to add Facebook “likes” as a First Amendment right, the company argued in Federal court. [Mashable]

Researchers are developing precog algorithms to predict where crimes will occur by tracking smartphones. Just as long as everyone heeds the minority report, okay? [Forbes]

Kleiner Perkins is still trying to keep its dirty laundry out of the courts. The company filed an appeal to keep Ellen Pao’s sexual discrimination case in arbitration. Kleiner’s attorney is arguing that an arbitration will be more efficient, but of course the VC firm’s appeal could take months to decide. [Mercury News]

Facebook launches its first non-social ad on mobile devices. Developers can now pay for an ad that sends users to Apple’s App Store or Google Play to buy their app—that is, if anyone has the patience to wait for Facebook’s painfully slow app to load. [TechCrunch]