Bridesmaids’s Weird Roommates Live Out Onscreen Plot

The eerie, uncannily similar-looking roommates of Kristen Wiig’s Bridesmaids character–who torment her with whinging Cockney accents and showing off infected tattoos–have made life imitate art. Rebel Wilson, who received one of the biggest career bumps from the film, recently announced she’d moved in with Matt Lucas, who played her brother.

Ms. Wilson, who stars in the forthcoming Bachelorette, told Conan O’Brien that she and her on-and-offscreen roommate Mr. Lucas had received complaints from neighbors for their loud showtune singing and all-night hot tub splashing. Per Ms. Wilson, the note read: “I can hear everything you say–even the British accents. If you continue to make noise past 10 p.m., I will call the cops. We have rules here in West Hollywood. Seriously.”

What else about the characters played by the cast of Bridesmaids could be surprisingly on-point? Are we soon to hear that Rose Byrne is cold and controlling in real life, or that Maya Rudolph is weirdly silent and doesn’t do as much as her talent would imply?

<em>Bridesmaids</em>’s Weird Roommates Live Out Onscreen Plot