British Lawmakers Find Flaw With Barclays’ Ex-CEO Bob Diamond; Deutsche Bank Up Next in Iran Inquiries? Roundup

British lawmakers published results of their investigation into Barclays efforts to manipulate Libor and other interbank lending rates. They were less than happy with cooperation provided by former CEO Bob Diamond.

Deutsche Bank is one of four European lenders being investigated by U.S. authorities for possible violations involving oil-trading and Iran, a source told Bloomberg.

Best Buy named Hubert Joly, the French-born chief executive of the Carlson hospitality chain, as the new CEO of the electronics chain. The electronics retailer is still jousting with founder Richard Schulze over the terms of a deal to allow Mr. Schulze to review company documents as he puts together a buy-out bid.

Spanish finance minister Luis de Guindos is seeking help from the European Central Bank to rein in Spain’s sovereign borrowing costs.

The European troika is pressuring Ireland to close a legal loophole impeding foreclosures on loans originated prior to 2009.

JPMorgan tapped former Exxon CEO Lee Raymond to lead an inquiry into the billions of dollars in losses accrued by the bank’s chief investment office and the trader known as the London Whale. The inquiry will double-check an earlier internal investigation.

An elder member of the Rothschild banking dynasty has taken a $200 million against the euro.

A Greek hedge fund manager tells Joe Weisenthal to brace for bad news out of Greece as summer holidays end.

Clifford J. White III, director of the Justice Department’s U.S. Trustee Program, has presided over more active policing of Chapter 11 bankruptcy filings.

Some early investors in Groupon, including Marc Andreessen, are cashing in and walking away from the company.