Buy a Montauk Airport For Less Than a Hamptons Mansion, Hang Out With Celebrities (Sort Of)

Great views. When you’re flying in.

Looking for something on Long Island to spend money on? How about an airport for $18 million? Of course you could buy a mansion with that much money, or a private beach, or a mansion with a private beach and a helipad. But who else has an airport?

The Montauk airport, located on 37 acres on the eastern end of Long Island, is for sale, Crain’s reports. With one small hangar and an office, it’s as quaintly austere as the town it’s located in. This is not the flashy Hamptons airport, after all.

Naturally, we’d assume that developers would be want to get their hands all over such a big, inexpensive parcel. But, thanks to the grace of god and federal law, the sale must be approved by the FAA and it must remain an airport until at least 2019 because it has taken federal monies.

Airport manager Helen Gil said that the airport, while it cannot accommodate private jets, has had a large number of celebrity visits over the years, when they deign to use propeller aircraft or helicopters, that is.

“It’s been quite a nice job over the last 18 years,” Ms. Gil told the publication. “I can’t begin to tell you how many celebrities I’ve seen. I once saw Bono and asked ‘Did anyone ever tell you that you looked like Bono?’ And he said, ‘I AM Bono.'”

The current group of owners apparently decided that it was time to “liquidate the asset.” Sure, it may not have the prestige of many properties a person could purchase on Long Island, but an airport could really add a special something to one’s real estate holdings.