Campbell Soup to Make Warhol Edition Cans

(Courtesy Getty Images)

The Campbell Soup company will soon debut a line of cans inspired by Andy Warhol’s works, the AP reports, available at Target starting this Sunday. It’s difficult to imagine these, since the works were just images of soup cans. Perhaps it’ll be an old school label.

Warhol and the company had a bit of a tricky relationship while he was alive. They considered suing him initially. From the story:

“I have since learned that you like Tomato Soup,” William MacFarland wrote in the letter [to Warhol]. “I am taking the liberty of having a couple cases of our Tomato Soup delivered to you.”

Later that same year, Campbell commissioned Warhol to do a painting of a can of Campbell’s tomato soup as a gift for its retiring board chairman, Oliver G. Willits; Warhol was paid $2,000 for the work. Campbell also invited the artist to visit its headquarters in Camden, N.J., although Thorn said there’s no indication a visit ever took place.

At 75 cents, the new cans represent the cheapest Warhol currently on the market, according to Artnet.

Campbell Soup to Make Warhol Edition Cans