Cuomo Explains Muted Role at National Convention [Video]

(Photo: Getty)

The Democratic National Convention, which will formally nominate President Barack Obama for his re-election campaign and officially kick off the general election, is a big, partisan party where top-name Democrats from across the country will hobnob and schmooze while rising stars give speech after speech.

But Gov. Andrew Cuomo, one of the most popular governors in the United States and a potential presidential candidate in 2016, won’t be doing much there: he’s only going to be in attendance for one day, won’t give a speech, and asked Assembly Speaker Shelly Silver to announce the state delegation’s vote. Naturally, some have speculated that his low-key national activity is an intentional precursor to an eventual presidential campaign.

Asked about his convention role after an afternoon press conference announcing a new statewide ban on bath salts, Mr. Cuomo said he’s keeping a relatively low convention profile, “Because I am governor of the state of New York and I have a lot to do as governor of the state of New York and I want to do the best job I can as governor of the state of New York.”

“And I do that best in New York,” he added.

Well, that settles it.

Watch below: