New York Republican Party Chair on the Connection Between David Koch and Andrew Cuomo

David Koch and his wife, Julia, at the 2011 Metropolitan Opera Season Opening Night. (Photo: Getty)

CLEARWATER, Fla. — According to New York GOP Chairman Ed Cox, reclusive Republican megadonor David Koch has done quite a bit to shape the current Albany landscape and the cooperation between Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo and the Republican majority in the State Senate.

“He was part of that. He was right on both sides,” Mr. Cox told Politicker.

Mr. Koch is at this year’s Republican National Convention as part of the New York delegation. Mr. Koch wasn’t at the New York Republicans’ breakfast this morning, but we asked Mr. Cox about his most infamous delegate. Mr. Cox said the normally reserved Mr. Koch wanted to participate in the RNC though it might expose him to unwanted attention because he “wants to do what’s right for New York State and for America.” He cited Mr. Koch’s work shaping New York State government as proof of the billionaire’s desire to “do the best things for America.”

“He’s a private guy, but he wants to do what’s right for New York State and for America, because he’s backed Republicans, but he also–he and his wife maxed out in their contributions to Andrew Cuomo when he was running for governor,” Mr. Cox said. “We talked about it, and he felt that Andrew Cuomo was the right person, he felt that the Republican Party was the right party to support. And, by golly, guess what? Our majority in the Senate is working with Andrew Cuomo. They complement each other and he was part of that. He was right on both sides.”

Mr. Koch and his wife, Julia, gave a combined total of $87,000 to Gov. Cuomo during his 2010 gubernatorial campaign.

Mr. Cox added that he’s glad Mr. Koch was able to attend the RNC.

“This is a man who really wants to do the best thing for New York State and for America, and is a very civic-minded individual,” said Mr. Cox. “We’re really happy to have him here in the delegation.”