De Blasio Says Michael Grimm ‘Is Doing the Scandal Variety Show’

Public Advocate Bill de Blasio appeared on Yetta Kurland’s radio show last night and used to occasion to encourage her listeners to volunteer for the congressional campaigns in New York State, particularly the contested Michael Grimm/Mark Murphy one in Staten Island and southern Brooklyn.

“Typically, as New Yorkers, we have to look elsewhere if we want to make a difference–to Ohio, or Pennsylvania or Florida,” he said. “This is a very interesting dynamic this year–so many of the contested House seats are in New York.”

This is undoubtedly true, with as many as 6 to 8 of the seats in the 27-member delegation being contested, as numerous stories have pointed out

Mr. de Blasio then got specific.

“If you want to protect the country from the Tea Party, you can do it really nearby, starting with the district in Staten Island and southern Brooklyn which is currently held by a Republican and needs to be changed and I think can and will be changed,” Mr. de Blasio said.

“Mark Murphy is picking up steam. He used to work for me and I think very highly of him.”

Mr. Murphy did in fact do a brief stint as Mr. de Blasio’s man on Staten Island but stepped down in order to run for Congress. And Mr. de Blasio did his old aide a favor by reminded listeners of Mr. Grimm’s spate of recent scandals.

“Michael Grimm seems to have a scandal every week, a new one every week,” he said. “I think Michael Grimm is doing the scandal variety show. Always a new one to look at.”

If anything though Mr. Murphy’s chances seem to be hurt by the sheer number of closely contested races in the state. Rothenberg ranks the race as tilt Republican. So far, a lot of the money from both sides is going to races elsewhere in the state.

De Blasio Says Michael Grimm ‘Is Doing the Scandal Variety Show’