Designer Defused! Accused Plastic Bag Bomber Takeshi Miyakawa Gets Six Months Probation

A free man. (Urban by Design)

After a tumultuous weekend spent in jail over an art installation gone wrong (or a city still a little too on edge), Takeshi Miyakawa was released into the world, relieved but also a little bit shaken.

The soft-spoken Brooklyn-based Japanese designer still did not know his fate after his I [heart] NY shopping bag lights had him suspected of planting bombs in his adopted borough, but last week, a judge let him go with only minimal punishment.

In an email to friends and supporters, Mr. Miyakawa revealed that he would have to do 10 months community service for the incident—perhaps cleaning up plastic bags and other trash in the local park?

“Now I feel relieved that this issue has been resolved and I don’t have to go to court anymore,” he wrote. “All that’s left is for me to stay out of trouble for 6 months!!”

A 311 call quickly spiraled out of control when it was forward to the police in may, who thought an errant plastic bag with LEDs inside could explode at any minute. When Mr. Miyakawa was spotted later that day hanging another bag near McCarren Park, the police swooped in and he was hit with a number of felony charges that could have stuck him in jail for months.

Hopefully the whole ordeal has not stifled the designers creativity.