Dem Poll Has Maloney/Hayworth Race Tied

This can be taken with as many grains of salt as one wishes, but a poll released today by Democratic House Majority PAC shows that Democrat Sean Patrick Maloney is within striking distance of upsetting Republican incumbent Nan Hayworth.

The poll gives Ms.  Hayworth a 48-45 edge, and in a release the PAC notes that puts the freshman congresswoman below “the 50 percent threshold for a well-positioned incumbent.”

“Nan Hayworth doesn’t represent the interests of the Hudson Valley,” said Alixandria Lapp, Executive Director of House Majority PAC. “Whether it’s her support for ending Medicare as we know it and allowing insurance companies to charge women more for coverage just because they’re women or the political games she played holding up critical disaster relief funding after Tropical Storm Irene, Hayworth’s extreme agenda is wrong for New York.”

Perhaps equally telling however is that fact House Majority PAC isn’t buying ad time in the Hudson Valley, even though they are in other parts of New York to shore up vulnerable incumbents or to help pick up a seat. According to another release from the group earlier today,  they are buying ads to protect Louise Slaughter and Kathy Hochul upstate and to help Dan Maffei in his re-match with Ann-Marie Buerkle.

The district that Mr. Maloney hopes to win is considered one of the swing-iest in the country, with equal numbers of Democrats and Republicans, and, according to the poll, the presidential race also a dead heat.

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Dem Poll Has Maloney/Hayworth Race Tied