Details Trickle Out in LAPD Beating of Deutsche Banker Brian Mulligan

When we last left the story of Brian Mulligan, Los Angeles-based vice chairman of Deutsche Bank’s media business, we were struggling to entangle conflicting accounts. The LAPD leaked a report to a local press in which Mr. Mulligan told cops he was high on bath salts and marijuana, and hadn’t slept in four days—then assumed a karate stance and charged at officers. Mr. Mulligan’s lawyers, meanwhile, said LAPD deposited Mr. Mulligan at a run-down motel and threatened to kill the banker if he left—then beat him to the tune of a broken shoulder blade and 15 nasal fractures. Well, we haven’t gained much clarity as far which story to believe, but details continued to trickle out yesterday—chief among which was the photo of Mr. Mulligan seen below, which was published by TMZ yesterday. The Mr. Mulligan’s attorney, J. Michael Flanagan, started dialing reporters, telling The Daily News: “The photographs don’t lie regarding the nature of his injuries…The report [police] wrote is horrendous. And if they’re not telling the truth about the arrest, maybe they’re not telling the truth about the marijuana and bath salt.” And telling the Los Angeles Times that his client had been on his way to purchase medical marijuana—apparently for use as a sleep aid—when the beating occurred.

Photo of Brian Mulligan published yesterday by TMZ.

The LAPD never filed charges against Mr. Mulligan (another mystery), and for all the smoke coming off this story in the last ten days, Mr. Mulligan has yet to file the threatened $50 million lawsuit. According to the News, Mr. Flanagan is hoping that the L.A. city attorney will file charges against officers, providing richer access to police documents than are available to civil litigants. As Mr. Flanagan told the Associated Press, “As soon as we file a lawsuit, we can get depositions and find out what they did.”